Challenge #4 – One new baked good a month

For the ultimate counterproductive move to my 6-week fitness series, my final challenge I have taken on is one new baked good a month.

The Lord has called me this year to enjoy the things I love. Which is oh so sweet of him. Some things that I enjoy I don’t even allow myself to have the time to actually enjoy them. I feel like this is like looking at a mountain but never getting to experience the joy of looking down from the top and reminiscing about the journey to get there .

I LOVE baking. Possibly because I love dancing in the kitchen to my music so much but, I also love gracing people with sweets. However, I will be the first one to look at a mouth-watering picture and say, “wow , I bet that is amazing” or “That would be fun to make!” but then flip the page and go on about my business. I might tab the page if it’s lucky. But I rarely (except Christmas) go out of my way to try those new things! So in an effort to enjoy what God has given me an affinity for and to bask in sugary sweetness, I proudly accept this challenge.

So the winning bad-for-my-hips sweets are!

January – Scones

February – English Muffins

March – From Scratch Cinnamon Rolls by The Pioneer Woman

April – Croissant

May – Fruit Crepe

June – Macarons

July – Cannoli

August – Sourdough

September – Bread Pudding (Zach’s Favorite)

October – Creme Brulee (I get a torch!)

November – Coffee Cake

December – Homemade Marshmallows

I think I am most excited about the breads and the macarons although they say they are very difficult to make. Fantastic!

I think it’s about that time to workout…


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