Bring on the Updates!

So I have officially proven the point that I do not have a solid passion for writing. Or at least the dedication to having a blog. The year started out right then went down from there. I thought I wasn’t going to be a statistic but Hello here I am ūüôā Sweetly enough…I am okay with that.

I am happy to be who the Lord has called me to be. And at the moment I do not feel him pushing me to write this blog. To live out the ideas first wrote in it? Yes, definitely.



Sweet – Not sure if I ever posted a picture but here are the scones from Jan! Not bad for a first attempt and whole wheat!


Book – Changed to The Great Gatsby. And I didn’t finish. Oops but I am still determined to catch up.

Sweet – English Muffins COMPLETE! CHEEEA that’s what I am talking about. I loved making these. Such a different process making bread for the first time. I have to say I was a little grossed out with the foaming of yeast however it was very interesting. They did not rise like I had hoped so I thought they would turn out to look like crumpets but NO!

Jesus – After many wonderful weeks of Jesus Calling; Jesus turned my attention to something new. Okay…I¬†readily¬†admit, I am not sure if this was his plan or me being distracted but I found myself going through YouVersion on my phone and feel in love with the reading plans! I am now over 30 days through an 100 days Essential Jesus devotional. The Lord has shown me so many cool things that has been truly wonderful.

Working out – well now that the 6 week Tone It Up challenge is done. I am too. Hah well at least that is what I have been doing. Nothing…but I am working on a new¬†challenge. My second round of Insanity. I bought the DVD’s and I am working on doing it at work with a couple of great girls but my schedule keeps getting in the way! Good excuse huh? It is but I really need to find better ways to make room for fitness.


Book – Well, still not going in order but I have already started Kisses from Katie. Oh Lord you have blessed me so. I can imagine this being a book that I cling to and reread just to hear Jesus. It is SATURATED. And I adore it. What a special person. I cannot wait to finish.

Baking – I plan on making PW’s Cinnamon Rolls next week! I think that means I need to work out this week…oh boy.

Jesus – Continuing YouVersion’s plan. Good stuff.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!



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