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Day 16 – A year ago, TIU updates and resting

I started to blog about how the workouts have been going in the past week and then completely got smacked in the face with how much I was taking them for granted. A year ago today I was driving to Nashville and got in an accident that broke both my feet and hands. It was a scary experience but the Lord is good. He provided me with such wonderful support even though I was not in the state of any family members.

Today, a year later, I am healed almost 100% and have the strength to do a 6 week fitness challenge. How incredible.


TIU Monday – Journaled 5 things I am grateful for on the community blog. Jesus, loved ones, my health, my job and chai. Also packed healthy lunches for the week!
TIU Tuesday – SICK. Christine and I celebrated her birthday at Hananoki Monday night and we both were sick all day Monday. No good.
TIU Wednesday – Since I was sick I moved Monday’s workout to Tuesday. Oh the SHREADmill. Holy goodness. This was the hardest workout I have done since Insanity. And that was fall 2010. Here is the workout.

  1. 30 squat jacks
  2. 30 tummy tucks
  3. 30 burpees
  4. Sprint 2:00 minutes
  5. 20 squat jacks
  6. 20 tummy tucks
  7. 20 burpees
  8. Sprint 1:00 minute
  9. 30 squat jacks
  10. 30 tummy tucks
  11. 30 burpees
  12. Sprint 2:00 minutes
  13. 20 squat jacks
  14. 20 tummy tucks
  15. 20 burpees
  16. Sprint 1:00 minute

I finished this in 33 minutes which is not that great. However there are only improvements from here! To run, because it was so cold/dark outside and I thought someone may get me, I decided to do the sprinting in my house. Which was hilarious. Running in circles through my dining room, kitchen, hall way then through my living room. Good stuff.

TIU Thursday – Running? Fail.
TIU Friday – Challenged to do something that made me happy. Well I dressed up in a suit (on a Friday!) and had an interview for a job that could be a wonderful challenge and great step for me. While it was nerve-wracking, it was definitely something that made me happy because I put my best foot forward and I am confident who is hired will be the best person for the job.
TIU Saturday – I switched Saturday and Sunday. Sat was working out with a friend.
TIU Sunday – Zach bought me the new EA Sports Active 2 for PS3 so we did that twice on Sunday!
TIU Monday – EA Sports Active this morning for a Total Body workout that lasted 26 min. Today it says go back to your new year goals and read over them and check out how you are doing. I think I am on a decent track. Working out 100% more than last year. Eating better and happy overall. Check and check.

Jesus Calling continues to be a perfect place for the Lord to speak to me the loudest lately. Today it emphasized that rehearsing your troubles is pointless. It creates unnecessary worry and fear. “Do not multiply your sufferings” “Relax in my peace”. Sure I could get worried about the job interview, friends surgery, being away from family but I refuse. I am here and enjoying what the Lord has provided me. Which just so happens today, is a day off. So I was able to sleep in, enjoy a morning workout, make coffee around lunchtime and now blogging in the middle of the day. Praying for all those things I could worry about a knowing that God is taking care of it. Matthew 11:28-30, Joshua 1:5, 9